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Admission open for academic session 2018-19

Blessings- Gurudev Shree Swami Vishvas Ji

In Today's time, there is number of distractions and restlessness in the life of students, it is very important to channelize their energies in the right direction. This can be achieved only if the students are calm and peaceful mentally. Vishvas Meditation helps the pupils to get rid of their tensions and worries. The gift of meditation has b
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Welcome to B.K.M. Vishvas School

This school was started in the year of 1987 by Vishvas Education Board, a unit of Vishvas Foundation, a spiritual, social, cultural and educational organization with the blessings and guidance of its Founder and Head Swami Vishvas Ji.

The Vishvas are ongoing venture of schools envisaging to bring up future generations that are both materially and morally stronger and as the initial lessons of our lives form the basis of our character, what better than starting at school itself? It firmly believes that education is not complete until knowledge is imbibed with values and wisdom. Therefore emphasis is laid on all round development of the child i.e. physical, mental and spiritual as to grow totality of life in them and to help them inculcate strong character and spirit of universal brotherhood. To ensure that the Vishvas vision is met, the course curriculum is combined with meditation, yoga, music and moral educatio
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Aim & Objectives

One of the unique feature of the school is to bring about through sincere thought, action and love, fellow feeling for the people of the whole word. Stress will be laid on inculcating our Vedic Idea of "VASUDHAIV KUTUMBKUAM" so that when our...
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Silent features

  • Totally safe & eco –friendly environment.
  • Non toxic furniture & learning aids.
  • Trained, experienced & well qualified staff & area experts.
  • Personal attention to every student - Standard student-teacher ratio.

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News and Announcement

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