Aims & Objectives

The school aims at inculcating a sense of belongingness to the Indian culture & heritage among its students. It is our constant endeavour to imbibe in our students good moral values with a touch of spirituality. Besides, we provide education through modern methods of teaching with the following objectives:-

  • All-round personality development.
  • Sound knowledge of the Indian philosophy, culture and civilization.
  • Correctness and precision in the usage of languages especially Hindi and English.
  • Refined manner and high character
  • Devotion to God and Social service.
  • Development of creative & artistic skills through fine arts, dance, dramatics, music, and educational tours.
  • Physical development through sports and exercise.
  • Spiritual awakening through Vishvas Meditation and Yoga.
  • Our school Moto is Education with Meditation.

In the words of Swami Vivekananda, "Education should combine the scientific knowledge of the West with the spiritual wisdom of the East… Only such education could discipline the intellect, nourish fellow feelings and develop social responsibility."

We at BKM Vishvas School always emphasise on inculcating our Vedic Idea of "VASUDHAIV KUTUMBKUAM" so that when our students enter the portals of life, they bring about love and peace in the whole world.