Holiday Homework

Pre Nursery

Dear Parents

Summer holidays are here! Holidays are great! But work can be fun & inspiring too. To keep the children engaged & active, here are a few interesting activities for the summer break.

Make your child more independent by teaching him or her various activities like:-

  • Meditation Do meditation at least five minutes in a day.

  • Explore Nature Take your child for a morning walk. Count trees, cars, stones, flowers etc. While going for a walk. Inculcate the habit keeping one’s surroundings clean.

  • Develop Motor Skills Let your child Indulge in activities like mashing potatoes, Clay moulding, shelling peas, rolling chapattis etc. Give a lot of colouring practice to your child.

  • Sharpen Memory – Put a few things on a tray, show the tray to your child for a while then cover the tray and ask your child to name the objects which were on the tray. Help them memorize their home address & phone numbers too. Play memorize games, use short sentences like May I come in?, May I drink water?, I am feeling hungry., I am feeling thirsty., Please tell me a story., Mom Please give me something to eat, May I play with my toys?, Please switch On/Off the light/Fan, Sorry Mom etc.

  • Inculcate Responsibilities – Give responsibilities to the child like dusting, watering plants, arranging toys & books etc. Learning to wear shoes & socks buttoning & unbuttoning shirts.

  • Be a friend – Play indoor and outdoor games with them, spend time and listen them.

  • Reading Time – Explain moral values by telling short stories develop the habit of reading, increase their vocabulary.

  • Writing Time - Art Spice – Do page no. 6, 7, 8, 9

Little Colourist – Do page no. 4, 5, 6, 7

Scrap Book – Paste 5 Pictures of Fruits.

Paste 5 Pictures of Vegetables.

Paste 5 Pictures of animals.

Revise the syllabus of April-May.

Kindly motivate your ward to inculcate some good habits during summer vacations like:

  • Plant a sapling and look after it.

  • Donate your old clothes/shoes & toys to the poor & needy.

  • Don’t litter on the roads/bus stop/railway station whenever you go out.

  • Don’t eat junk food every day.

  • Don’t hurt stray animals.

  • Keep a bowl of water daily for birds.

Periodic test-I Schedule

Periodic test (25 marks) is scheduled after summer Vacation & follow syllabus i.e already given. Date sheet is as follows:


Periodic Assessment-I-2018








Maths(W)/ GK




Theme study




Happy Holidays! Have fun with your little one!

*** School will reopen on 2nd July-2018

On the school website ( you can find syllabus & holiday home work