Swami Vishvas Ji

In Today's time, there is number of distractions and restlessness in the life of students, it is very important to channelize their energies in the right direction. This can be achieved only if the students are calm and peaceful mentally. Vishvas Meditation helps the pupils to get rid of their tensions and worries. The gift of meditation has been bestowed by the Lord on all persons alike, but to benefit by it is lift to the discretion of each individual. Each soul is potentially divine and the goal is to manifest the divinity within.

To attain the divinity, one must be deligent honest and sincere to his ownself meditation can be the groundwork of all these values of life. It has a distinctly different flavour and even more depth that can radically transform our life in ways we can never imagine. We should not try to change the lifestyle of life rather change the vision of life from outside to inside.

Past is gone; Future is unknown ;Act, act, act ,o my dear, act in the present. One should live only in the present to attain one's aim in life. Let meditation become a part of our daily routine and give a better shape to our life. Meditate, relax and enjoy life.
With my true blessing I wish that the students of this school will be efficient enough to understand and develop their inner knowledge which is helpful in developing their mental , intellectual and spiritual skill along with academic and will move them towards brighten future.

Chief Patron Sati Sadhvi Behan Krishna Murti Vishvas Ji

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. One such dreamer was Sati Sadhvi Behan Krishna Murti Vishvas, revered Chief patron of our institution. It was her dream to provide exceptional educational opportunities to all students irrespective of caste, creed and social status. That dream became a reality in 1987 when B.K.M Vishvas School came into existence in Panchkula, Haryana."

Behan Krishna Murti was a great saint, full of devotion, ocean of affection, pure spiritual soul, selfless life, social reformer for poor and needy women. In the field of education Bahen Ji gave us great gift in shape of this school. Our esteemed Bahen Ji was incarnate of nobility, spirituality, self-sacrifice and selfless-service.
She was the Chief patron of this school, which, now is appropriately named after her. She left us when she was needed most. Her divine virtue soul always guides us in this life's journey.