Director Message

True education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence, will, and goal-setting competencies, and instills the vision serving the best interests of the community...!!

With the blessing, guidance and inspiration of His Holiness Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, I am really indebted to see all-round progress of our school which is dedicated to serve the community.

As I look back over the last twenty five years I am possessed by a feeling of satisfaction witnessing that our school which began its life as a tiny sapling has spread its branches and dug firm roots akin to a Banyan tree, providing quality education and a strong foundation to the young of our nation. It has more than upheld its aim of coming into existence of providing perfect school education intermingled with the tenets of Indian culture.

There is spiritual environment in the school in which all the students and staff members work without any stress or strain. It is all due to Vishvas Meditation. Gurudev Ji, in his own words asked us to "DESCEND IN MEDITATION TO ASCEND IN LIFE." It is exhibited explicitly in all Vishvas Schools. Students and staff members experience BLISS all the time. And to add to it, anyone visiting our School feels the Bliss which is the outcome of spiritual surroundings.

We believe that success grows with the drive and energy of the students and leadership of the mentors. These factors when put in right direction make the vision clear. BKM Vishvas School provides a unique and efficient environment of learning. So come and join us to experience this new, unique and exciting learning process

Sadhvi Shakti Vishvas